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Famous Penguins
Kids in Club Penguin can find special penguins waddling around known as Mascots or Famous Penguins in special parties and events. These penguins include: Aunt Arctic, The Penguin Band, Rockhopper, Sensei, Rookie, Gary, Cadence, and more! When a kid comes near one of these penguins, they get a special stamp on their player card. In their player card they can friend the mascot or receive an autograph as well! Finding one of those penguins is tough so be sure to use our trackers!

What is Club Penguin?

Club Penguin, commonly abbreviated as CP , is a Massively Multiplayer online role-playing  game (MMORPG) involving a virtual world, by Club Penguin Entertainment. Using cartoon penguin avatars kids can chat, play games, and participate in activites in a winter-set virtual world. Club penguin was first made public on October 24th, 2005 and has since grown to one of the largest online communities with over 30 million user accounts.

Although you can play most of the game for free, some features require a membership. These features include: the ability to customize their penguin and igloo by purchasing virtual clothing, furniture, and in-game pets called puffles through the use of in-game currency.

Virtual World

Club Penguin is actually divided into several areas and unique locations. Every person receives an igloo to get a residence. People have the choice of starting their own igloo so other penguins can jump on via the guide, below “Member Igloos”. People could also purchase larger igloos as well as beautify their particular igloos along with things bought together with virtual cash attained by playing mini-games.

At least one party per month is actually kept upon Club Penguin. In most cases, a free garments merchandise can be obtained, both for compensated associates and also free of charge consumers. Even the celebrations provide member just bedrooms by which just members are able to accessibility. Some major Club Penguin events are usually the once-a-year Halloween night and also Vacations parties. Other big celebrations include the Songs Jam, Adventure Party, and the Medieval Party.

The primary Membership Penguin room is called The Town, and this is how the majority of participants arrive once they sign in to the video game. It’s got three inner areas: the actual Coffee Shop, the evening Membership as well as the Present Store. The Restaurant will be patterned after a small restaurant, and possesses any minigame known as Bean Counters tops when a person must get bags associated with coffees introduced from your truck, and it is another main location for penguins to look should they want to fulfill each other. The particular Restaurant will be the simply location adorned for your Loved-one’s birthday Celebrations and also the location where the party hats are given.

Activated members may possibly purchase outfits for that enjoy, a choice which non-members don’t have. The particular scripts for that perform is found in the bottom-right corner of the display. When clicked on, a summary of traces is mentioned.

Game Features

Kids can enjoy numerous minigames on Club Penguin. They earn coins depending on the score they get, which may be used on items. A few of the games are bean counters and hydro hopper. There are also some multiplayer games like sled racing and find four.

Kids can convey their feelings with emoticons. There are many emoticons, for instance a happy face, a sad face, angry face, and winking. The emoticons appear above the avatar’s head inside a speech bubble. On December 5, 2007, the heart and skull emoticons were removed because kids found these unpleasant, and were substituted with the flower emoticon. On January 9, 2008 the heart emoticon was brought back as a result of popular demand by kids, indicating that it could be used in a positive and caring way. Some emoticons are concealed whenever a player clicks certain letters and symbols on the keyboard. In December 2011, rumors stated that a new verson of emoticons were coming to Club Penguin in 2012.

Members are able to use the virtual coins which they collect from playing mini games to acquire various items from the wide variety of shops. Shop types include clothing, wigs, stage costumes, igloos, furniture, and sports. Members and non-members alike may also purchase new colors for their penguins, pins from different countries, and backgrounds for their player card.

Each person has their very own penguin card, which is used to handle the player’s inventory. Kids may decorate their card by buying new backgrounds, clothing and other items. Penguin cards may also be to display “pins” – new types of which appear within Club Penguin every 14 days. Pins are free of charge, but are hidden throughout the game. On January 4, 2008, Club Penguin hid their 50th pin, a snow shovel. Flags resemble pins; additionally they appear in the top left-hand corner of a player’s penguin card. On July 27, 2010, Club Penguin introduced stamps, and their respective stamp book. Stamps are earned from accomplishing goals in mini-games and on the island. The stamp book shows all stamps which have been earned but to be earned. Pins are also displayed in the stamp book. Kids can easily see other penguins’ stamp books by simply clicking their player cards.Clothing is worn by penguins, which can either be bought or given out during parties. Only members are able to buy clothes, but many clothing items given out at parties can be worn by all kids, regardless of their membership level.

Members’ igloos could be upgraded into a variety of styles, like a snow-globe. Some igloo styles are themed for parties, like the Bamboo Hut or Log Cabin. Furniture may be bought for that igloos of subscribed members and can be used to design and decorate an igloo. Flooring for an igloo (introduced January 19, 2007) is also limited by subscribed members.

Puffles are little, fluffy creatures that kids may have as pets. They are available in the Pet Shop in blue, green, pink, black, purple, red, yellow, white, orange, and brown variety . Non-members have access to the blue and red puffles only, and may have no more than two; members may adopt as much as twenty puffles. Members whose membership has expired are allowed to keep their puffles, but they cannot replace them once they have run away.

Club Penguin have also recently released new hats for puffles. Puffles once had health, rest, and energy bar charts to indicate their status, but recently, Club Penguin changed it to some more Flash intensive view. Puffles which aren’t “looked after” will run away from the player, and will must be replaced.

Club Penguin Times
The Club Penguin Times is accessed from within the game and contains news about Club Penguin and features games and comics. It also comes with an advice column where a player can write to Aunt Arctic and ask questions on Club Penguin. Any user can submit questions, jokes, riddles, poems, comics, fan art, and tips or secrets to The Club Penguin Times, which can be chosen and displayed within the next issue. In 2010, the newspaper was upgraded into a newer, more sophisticated view. Inside the game, the Boiler Room under the Night Club contains an archive of newspapers from the last six weeks

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